A starry night

How it all began


The name ‘In the Stars’ has a very deep meaning to the ball organisers, Danielle Tucker and her husband Daniel. It was how they chose to explain the passing of their Daughter Eva Tucker to their son who was still a toddler at the time. They told him that his little sister had ‘gone to live in the stars’ and that she would always be looking over them.

Danielle had to inform their son’s nursery on how they had chosen to explain it to him, so that they could help and support him. Victoria Green who was their son’s key worker at the nursery was so moved by how Danielle and Daniel had decided to approach the subject that she arranged for the nursery to buy the Tucker’s an actual star in the sky, which was named ‘Eva Tucker.’ Danielle and Daniel were so grateful for this gesture and realised just how moved people were by Eva’s story.

So when Victoria approached Danielle to see whether she would like help arranging a ball. There only seemed like one appropriate name for the night, ‘In the Stars’.

The night is called ‘In the Stars’ to remember Eva Tucker and support the hospital (Great Ormond Street Hospital) that gave her the chance to shine for as long as she could.